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Bubble Day

Art Lesson
for Bubble Day

The students will create bubble prints.


  • Bubble solution (recipe can be found in the Science Lesson)
  • Small amounts of powder tempera paint or food coloring
  • A number of bowls or containers in which to mix the colored bubble solution (Decide ahead of time whether the students will do this activity individually, in pairs or supervised one at a time.  This will determine how many containers of bubble mixture should be made.) 
  • White paper
  • Straws or egg beater



  1. Mix the bubble solution and tempera paint or food coloring in a bowl.  Have the students observe how the bubble solution changes color.  Try mixing two food colors or paints together to experiment with color mixing.
  2. Have the students blow through straws or use the egg beater to mix up a mound of bubbles that reaches above the rim of the container.
  3. Have the students place their white paper on top of the mound, causing them to burst.  This will create a "bubble print" on their paper.  They may want to try layering different colors on top of one another.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students create fancy bubble wands.  Ideas for materials are listed in the Science Lesson.
  2. Have the students draw pictures which accompany their "Bubble Trip" in the Language Arts Lesson.


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