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Beach Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Beach Day

The students will locate different states on a United States map and identify whether they are bordered by an ocean.




  1. Using the aforementioned link, discuss with the students how beaches are formed and they may be along oceans, rivers, lakes, etc.

  2. Tell the students they are going to focus on ocean beaches and where they are located in the United States.  Ask the students how they will know which states are going to have ocean beaches?  (Those that are bordered by an ocean.)

  3. Pass out the Ocean Beach Worksheet and have the students work in small groups or as a whole class to determine which states are bordered by one of the oceans, and will therefore have an ocean beach.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Do the same lesson as above with countries rather than states.  

  2. Pick a beach and have the students plan a route to travel to that beach from their school.  Allow them to use maps.  Will they need to drive, fly, take a boat?  Which states, cities, countries will they travel through to arrive at that beach?



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