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Beach Day

Movement Lesson
for Beach Day

The students will participate in a beach ball toss game.


  • Beach balls - 1 per pair of students (If beach balls are not available, use balloons.)

  • Beach towels - 1 per pair of students (If beach towels are not available, use any old pieces of fabric or blankets about beach towel size.)



  1. Give each pair of students a beach ball (or balloon) and a beach towel.  Have the students spread the towel out and place the ball on top of it.  

  2. They should then each grab one end of the towel and toss the ball into the air.  Working as a team, the students should then catch the ball in the towel and keep this motion going.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students pantomime different activities done at the beach.  The teacher will call out an activity and the students will act out that activity.  Some actions to call out would be - swimming, building a sand castle, collecting shells, sunbathing, flying a kite, surfing, etc.  Increase the pace with which the activities are called out.



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