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Beach Day

Science Lesson
for Beach Day

The students will make observations and list facts about sand and its origins.


  • Sand - beach sand, if available.  If not, store bought sand will also work.

  • Magnifying glasses

  • Books or web sites about sand.  See the Beach Home Page for suggestions.

  • Sand Science Worksheets (This sheet has been formatted to be cut in half.)



  1. Ask the students what they know about sand.  Have them hypothesize about where sand comes from.  Write their responses on chart paper or the chalkboard.

  2. Read the chosen book or share information from the chosen web site.

  3. Place the students into small groups.  Give each group a small container of sand and a magnifying glass.  Also give each student a Sand Science Worksheet.

  4. Have the students study the sand through the magnifying glasses and fill out the Sand Worksheets.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students compare a Beach Habitat to another habitat, such as the forest or desert.

  2. Have the students brainstorm items found at the beach - shells, rocks, sand, crabs.  They should then classify them into the categories of living vs. nonliving. 

  3. Have the students brainstorm items found at the beach.  Each student should then select a different item and do a report on that item using the internet and/or books.

  4. Have a lesson on the tides and what controls them.  Use the following web site for assistance: Enchanted Learning and Water on the Move.



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