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Bat Day

Math Lesson
for Bat Day

The students will measure objects in their environment to compare to given lengths.




  1. Put the students in pairs and give each pair a string cut to 5 feet and a string cut to 5 inches.
  2. Discuss with the students that the long piece of string is similar to the length of some megabat wingspans and the short string is similar to some types of microbat wingspans.
  3. Pass out the Measuring with Bat Wings Worksheet. 
  4. Have the students complete the worksheets by moving about the room and measuring classroom items in comparison to their strings.

Other Lesson Ideas

  • Count by 5's with questions such as "What would the wingspan be of 3 megabats tip to tip?"  (With their wingspans being 5 feet.)
  • Research and find out the average wingspan of different kinds of bats.  Cut strips of paper, or string, to those lengths, label them and display them in the classroom or hallway.
  • Measure how many inches are in 5 feet.  Ask how much longer a megabat's wingspan is than a microbat's.


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