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Bat Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Bat Day

The students will determine the difference between fact and myth.




  1. Ask the students what they know about bats.  List their responses on a chalkboard or chart paper.

  2. Read the book or share the web link about bats.  Ask the students what they know about bats.  Add to the list.

  3. Discuss whether any facts they originally gave ended up being myths.  Discuss the terms fact and myth.

  4. Pass out the Myth or Fact Worksheet.

  5. Have the students complete the worksheets individually, or as a group, depending on the grade level.

  6. As an alternative, have the students work in pairs to write a True and False Bat Quiz to take home to their families.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Do a phonics lesson on 'at' family words.
  2. Make "Bat Vocabulary" books.  Have the students enter words such as; mammal, roost, echolocation, nocturnal etc. as well as their definitions.
  3. Explain to students that bats are a sign of luck in China.  Have the students write a story about a bat being a sign of luck to them.  "One evening I saw a bat flying in the sky.  The next day I had one of my luckiest days ever.  This is what happened...."


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