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Bat Day

Art Lesson
for Bat Day

The students will explore perspective using their art work.


  • Paper
  • Art mediums such as crayons, markers, or paint.
  • Wall space to display the students'  "Art for Bats".



  1. Discuss with students how bats hang upside down when at rest.
  2. Tell them you are going to create an art museum for bats.
  3. Allow the students to create pictures of any scenes they would like.  Younger students may need some guidance, such as "Draw your favorite place to play, draw a picture of your family", etc.
  4. Once the art pieces are complete, turn them upside down and display them in the classroom or hallway.  Discuss with students how their pictures are from the correct perspective when viewed by hanging bats.  Entitle your art exhibition "Art for Bats".
  5. See if visitors can determine why your exhibit is for bats.
  6. For older students, you may want to have them try to create their pictures from an upside down perspective, instead of simply turning their picture around once they are done.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Create a whole class mural of a bat cave or night sky on butcher paper.  Have the students create hanging or flying bats to be placed on the mural.
  2. Have the students create "Save the Bats" posters emphasizing the facts about bats and what humans can do to protect them.  (Refer to the Social Studies Lesson for further ideas.)


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