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Train Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Train Day

The students will write a story using onomatopoeia.




  1. Read the chosen book.  Ask the students to listen for words that represent different sounds.

  2. When the story is finished, ask the students to list the words that represented sounds.  List these words on the chart paper or chalkboard.

  3. Introduce the word "onomatopoeia".  Explain that even though this is a very large word it simply means a word which stands for or imitates a sound.

  4. Brainstorm other words that fit in the category of onomatopoeia.  Use the web site for suggestions.

  5. Pass out the Onomatopoeia Worksheet and have the students complete the sheet individually or as a class, depending on the age of the students.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. As a modification of the above lesson, simply have the students list different objects to board a train, and the sounds those objects make.  Use the Train Sounds Worksheet.

  2. Read The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.  Line the students chairs up as if they are on a train for the reading.  Give the students tickets to board "The Polar Express" and blow a train whistle to signal the beginning of the story.  If possible, dim the lights and read the book by flashlight.

  3. Another variation on the above lesson is to have pieces of paper cut in the shape of trains.  Half of the pieces will have items written on them.  The other half will have sound words written.  Be sure there is one card per student.  Pass out the sheets and have the students try to find their matching word.  For example, "train" would match up with "choo-choo", "leaky faucet" would match with "drip", etc.

  4. Have the students write about a trip they would like to take on a train.

  5. Read a variety of books about trains.  Have the students classify them into fiction and nonfiction. 

  6. Read any version of "The Little Engine that Could" and have the students write about a time they did something they thought they put their minds to.



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