The Sound Train
(A Story Using Onomatopoeia)

One sunny day, a train blew it's whistle sending a _______________

through the air.  The wheels went __________________________

over the track.  The train passed a field of cows who could be heard

 ___________________________.  At the first stop, a family with

 three children climbed aboard.  The little boy was wearing boots that 

went  __________________________ up the metal steps.  The

mother was carrying a baby who cried _____________________.

The little girl had a small bell in her pocket that _______________

when she walked.  Something in the air made the father sneeze and he

went __________________________!  After the family found 

their seats, the train conductor took their tickets and ___________

them in half.  Now the family was settled in for their long journey to 

visit a far away city filled with exciting sounds!





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