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Tooth Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Tooth Day

The students will learn some history facts about George Washington and his false teeth. 




  1. Ask the children what they know about George Washington.
  2. Read the story or have a discussion on who George Washington was.
  3. Tell the students that George Washington eventually lost all of his teeth except for one.  Many people believe that he had dentures made out of wood.  This is a myth.  George Washington's teeth were made from filed down elephant ivory, hippopotamus tusks, and cow teeth.  These dentures had lots of sharp screws, hooks, and springs.  Because of this, he had difficulty smiling.
  4. Pass out the Worksheet and have the children complete it individually, or as a class.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Learn about different types of animals and their teeth.  Locate those animals' homes on maps.
  2. Have a dentist or a dental hygienist come in and talk about what his/her job entails.


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