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Shoe Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Shoe Day

The students will define cobbler and compare how shoes were made in Colonial times to how they are made today.




  1. Discuss what a cobbler is and use the Merriam-Webster site for a definition.  

  2. Share the information from the Colonial Williamsburg web site.  Discuss how everything was done by hand and simple machines - no electricity or assembly lines, etc.  

  3. Read the chosen book.  Point out differences between shoemaking in the 18th century and shoe factories today.

  4. Pass out the Making Shoes Then and Now Worksheet and complete it as a class.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on different shoe styles around the world.  Use the following web site for assistance Shoe From Around the World.  Find the different locations on a world map.

  2. Use any of the web site on the home page discussing shoe history.

  3. Set up a shoe shop in the classroom.  Discuss all the different aspects important in running a business.



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