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Shoe Day

Math Lesson
for Shoe Day

The students will sort, graph, measure, and create patterns using a group of shoes.




  1. Have the students remove their shoes and place them in a pile in a wide, open space.  Pass out the Shoe Math Worksheet to be completed as each step is done.

  2. Working as a class, brainstorm different ways of sorting the shoes.  Have the students work to place the shoes in the desired groups.  For example, the shoes may be sorted by color, whether they have laces, Velcro, or buckles, or their size.

  3. Create a real graph of the shoes.  To do this have the students decide on an attribute for graphing the shoes (similar to the sorting done in step #2.)  Write the topics for the graph on index cards (for example - tie shoes, Velcro shoes, buckle shoes, slip-on shoes.)  Place the cards on the floor and have the students place the shoes in the correct column.  

  4. Put the students in groups of 4-5 students.  Have these smaller groups create a pattern using their shoes.  They may present their pattern for the rest of the class to try and decipher.

  5. Have the students one of their shoes on the back of their Shoe Math Worksheet and measure it with a ruler or unifix cubes.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on pairs.  Brainstorm items that come in pairs and practice counting by 2's.

  2. Bring in a variety of shoes and have the students place them in order, according to their size.



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