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Rabbit Day

Science Lesson
for Rabbit Day

The students will compare and contrast rabbits and hares.


  • A book or web site about rabbits and hares.  The following web sites are very useful in outlining the differences -  Alien Earth, Bunny Readers (scroll down the page for a list comparing rabbits and hares.) and MSN Encarta

  • A large venn diagram written on the blackboard or chart paper

  • Individual Venn Diagrams



  1. Share information with the students about rabbits and hares.  Instruct them to listen for similarities and differences between the breeds.

  2. Working as a class, have the students complete a venn diagram on the differences and similarities of hares and rabbits.

  3. For reinforcement, have the students complete their own venn diagrams.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on the characteristics of mammals.  Have the students brainstorm as many mammals as they can.  Ruth Heller's Animals Born Alive and Well is an excellent book to use in this lesson.

  2. Read a variety of non-fiction books about rabbits.  Have the students list facts they learn about rabbits and compile a Rabbit Fact Book.




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