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Rabbit Day

Math Lesson
for Rabbit Day

The students will measure how far they can hop.


  • Rulers or unifix cubes

  • Masking tape

  • An open area for hopping

  • How far I can Hop Worksheet - this sheet is designed to be cut in half to save paper.


  1. Review, or introduce, measuring distances.  

  2. Instruct the students on how to measure their hopping distance.  They should begin by placing a starting line on the floor and marking it with a piece of masking tape.  To begin the hop, they should line their toes up with the bottom edge of the tape.  Once they have hopped, a fellow student may mark where the hopping student's toe lands with another piece of tape.  The distance may then be measured with a ruler, or joined unifix cubes.

  3. The students should be told to hop three different times.  The first hop should be a short one, the second hop a medium length one, and the last hop as far as they can go.

  4. Pass out the How Far I Can Hop Worksheet and have the students complete the worksheet with the help of fellow students.

  5. Once the worksheet is completed, follow up questions may be done with older students, such as "How much farther was your middle hop than your first hop?", etc.  


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Use a number line to complete addition and subtraction facts.  Liken a bunny hopping on the number line, either forwards or backwards, to find answers to problems.  Refer to Frog Day Math Lesson for similar ideas.



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