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Pig Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Pig Day

The students will locate areas on a map from which different versions of "The Three Little Pigs" originated.  The students will also compare different cultural versions of "The Three Little Pigs".




  1. Introduce and read each of the three versions of The Three Little Pigs.
  2. Discuss the three areas in the United States from which these versions originated: Arizona, Louisiana, and Hawaii.
  3. Have the students locate these three areas on a map of The United States.
  4. Discuss how the versions were alike and how they were different.
  5. Have the students complete the Three Little Pigs Around the Country Worksheet.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Discuss the fact that many pigs live on farms.  Compare and contrast living on a farm to living in a city.  Use the link to Pork4Kids which provides a cyber tour of a pig farm.  Some comparisons to consider would be: transportation, the number of people, the number of buildings, types of housing, types of animals, distance to schools and stores, noise level, etc.  Make a chart of these differences.
  2. Have a lesson on Christopher Columbus and his 2nd voyage to the New World in 1493.  It is believed he brought pigs on this trip and introduced them to the New World.  Later, pigs were imported from England.


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