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Moon Day

Science Lesson
for Moon Day

The students will act out the orbit of the moon and earth in relation to the sun.


  • (Based on a class of 20) 1 white balloon, 5 blue balloons, 15 yellow balloons

  •  A large area allowing for movement.



  1. Choose students to hold the balloons.

  2. Cluster them together in groups to form the moon, earth, and sun.  Discuss with the students the fact that the earth and the sun are larger than the moon (this is represented with the number of balloons used.)

  3. Have the student with the white balloon (the moon) orbit around the earth balloons (blue).

  4. At the same time have the earth (blue balloons) orbit around the sun (yellow balloons).

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Using a mirror and flashlight, explore the reflective light qualities of the moon.

  2. Find out how many moons other planets have.

  3. Do a lesson on what an eclipse of the moon entails.  Use the following link for information http://www.dustbunny.com/afk/howdo/luneclipse/luneclipse.htm. 


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