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Moon Day

Movement Lesson
for Moon Day

The students will practice jumping.


  • A 6-inch paper circle that represents a moon

  • an open space.



  1. Recite the rhyme "Hey Diddle, Diddle".
  2. Have the students jump from a starting line.
  3. Measure how far the jump in distance is, using the paper moon.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Play New Age or outer space sounding music and have the students imitate a moonwalk with a feeling of weightlessness.

  2. Assign students to be particular planets and have them act out the rotation of the planets (similar to the science lesson.)

  3. Have the students practice counting backwards from 10-1 and have them pretend they are rockets blasting off to the moon.

  4. Play spud using the word Moon instead of spud.


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