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Ladybug Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Ladybug Day

The students will determine activities which are healthy for the environment and those which are not.


  • A book or web site which presents information on how ladybugs are good for plants.  A suggested web site is Santa Clara Parks and What About Ladybugs? by Celia Godkin is a good book to use.

  • Good or Bad for the Environment Questions



  1. Read the book or discuss the information presented at the web site.  The main point to stress is that ladybugs are an earth friendly way to control damaging pests rather than pesticides.

  2. Ask the students to think of earth friendly activities vs. harmful activities.  Use the Good or Bad for the Environment Questions.

  3. Have the students brainstorm other ways they can take care of the environment.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. View the Ladybug Lore at the following web site - Santa Clara Parks.  Discuss the word "lore" and locate the different countries mentioned.



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