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Ladybug Day

Math Lesson
for Ladybug Day

The students will form fact families of addition and subtraction equations.


  • Ladybug Printouts - one per student 

  • White Paper



  1. Discuss fact families and how they are 4 number equations that involve the same 3 numbers.  Give examples such as:

  2. Pass out the Ladybug Printouts and paper.  Have the students cut out the ladybugs.  They should then write their own fact families using the ladybugs as manipulatives.  If needed, give each student 3 numbers to create their fact family.  

  3. They may then glue the ladybugs on the paper next to each equation for illustration.  For example, the equation 3+1=4 would have a group of 3 ladybugs glued next to a group of 1 ladybug.  The equation 4-3=1 would have 4 ladybugs glued on the paper and 3 of them crossed off with a pencil or crayon.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle and have a lesson on telling time.

  2. Give every student a ladybug shape (red oval) and black spots to use as manipulatives for math problems.  The black spots could be black construction paper circles, black buttons, dried black beans, etc.  Problems such as "A lady bug has 3 spots on each wing.  How many spots are there altogether?" can be given by the teacher.

  3. Have a lesson on symmetry since ladybugs wings are symmetrical.

  4. Ladybugs are about 1/4" long.  Have a lesson on 1/4 - How many ladybugs would be 1" long, 2" long, etc.

  5. Go on a nature "Shape Walk".  Using an oval ladybug as a starting point, see how many other shapes the students can find in nature.



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