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Heart Day

Movement Lesson
for Heart Day

The students will engage in physical activity to increase their heart rates.


  • A wide open area, allowing for movement.

  • Jump ropes, balls, or any other equipment the students may use to get physical.



  1. Have a discussion on muscles and how the heart is a muscle that is always working.  It is important to exercise the heart muscle to keep it healthy and strong.

  2. Have the students brainstorm healthy activities which increase their heart rates.  Explain that it is good to engage in these types of activities for 20 minutes 3 times per week.

  3. Allow students 20 minutes to exercise their hearts.

  4. Older students may want to take a pulse before they begin exercising and again after they exercise.  (Similar to the activity in the Science Lesson.)


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Arrange a Jump Rope for Heart event.  Details can be found at the following link American Heart Association.

  2. Have a music lesson on what a beat is.  Relate it to a beating heart and have the students listen to a variety of music containing different beats.



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