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Heart Day

Math Lesson
for Heart Day

The students will add 4 numbers to find a sum.


  • Heart Shape Worksheet, or a heart shape divided into 4 areas

  • Small manipulatives, such as counting bears, beans, or candy hearts.



  1. If appropriate, review addition of two numbers.  

  2. Pass out the Heart Shape Worksheet and the manipulatives.  Discuss how the heart has four chambers and that the students will be adding four numbers together to find a sum.

  3. Give the students problems in which they have to add 4 addends to find the sum.  The students will then use the manipulatives on the worksheet to solve the problems.  They will place the appropriate number of beans/counting bears/candy hearts in each chamber to find the answer.

  4. Allow the students time to record the addition problems on their worksheets.

  5. Have the students create their own problems involving 4 addends.

  6. For older students, expand this to a lesson on multiplication by 4s.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on symmetry.  Find examples of hearts that are symmetrical as well as asymmetrical.  Use the Heart Sheet for examples.  Have the students create some of their own symmetrical and asymmetrical hearts.

  2. Place candy hearts in a container and have the students estimate how many hearts there are.  Work together as a class to count the number and have the students figure how far off their estimates were.


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