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Gingerbread Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Gingerbread Day

The students will compare and contrast two different versions of the same story.




  1. Introduce or review the terms characters, setting and plot.

  2. Read the two stories.

  3. Pass out the Gingerbread Comparison Worksheet.  Depending on the level of the students either have them complete it individually or as a class.  For very young students complete the activity as a whole class on the blackboard or on a piece of chart paper.

  4. If the students have completed the worksheets individually, review them as a class.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Similar to the above lesson, use a venn diagram to compare and contrast two versions of The Gingerbread Boy.

  2. Have the students do research in cookbooks or on the internet to find gingerbread recipes.  Make a class book of gingerbread recipes.

  3. Have the students write directions for creating a gingerbread house out of graham crackers.  Put the students in pairs, give them the ingredients and have them write the directions for making a house.

  4. Have the students write a different ending to a Gingerbread Boy story.  Instead of getting eaten, the gingerbread boy goes on to...

  5. Have the students write their own version of the Gingerbread Boy.  Allow them to be as creative as they wish in picking their own setting and characters.


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