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Chocolate Day

Movement Lesson
for Chocolate Day

The students will participate in a balancing game.


  • Wrapped pieces of chocolate, such as chocolate kisses, Tootsie Rolls, etc.

  • A wide, open space allowing for movement

  • Orange goal cones, or other objects to use for a "obstacle course" (optional)



  1. Mark off a starting line and a finishing line in the open space.

  2. Pass the pieces of chocolate out to the students.  Instruct the students to place the piece of candy on their heads and run/walk the marked off areas balancing the candy on their heads.  (To make the game more difficult, an obstacle course could be set up using orange cones that the students must weave through.)

  3. The students should attempt to complete the marked off course as quickly as possible without the candy falling from their heads.

  4. Once the course has been completed, the students may eat the candy.

  5. For additional challenges, have the students complete other activities while trying to balance the chocolate on their heads.  For example, hop on one foot, do jumping jacks, etc.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students act out the steps of making chocolate.  Refer to the Social Studies Lesson for a list of the steps.

  2. Play "Hot Potato" with a chocolate bar.

  3. Divide the class into groups and have them participate in a scavenger hunt either in the classroom our outdoors (depending on the weather.)  Be sure to make one of the items a piece of chocolate candy, which will be hidden in advance.



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