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Chocolate Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Chocolate Day

The students will write a story using a given set of words.




  1. Review the ch- sound with the students.  Have the students brainstorm as many words as they can that start with ch, be sure to include "chocolate".

  2. Once the list is complete, have the students write a story using as many of these words as possible.  Depending on the age of the students, have them write the story as a whole class or individually.

  3. If the students are writing the story individually, pass out the Ch- story paper for their writing.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students write a recipe which includes chocolate.  The recipe may be real or made up.  Compile these into a Class Chocolate Recipe Book.

  2. If Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl has been read, have the students write a letter to Mr. Wonka explaining why they would be deserving of inheriting the chocolate factory.

  3. Read Chocolotina by Erik Kraft.  Have the students write about what type of food they would turn into.


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