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Rainbow Day

Math Lesson
for Rainbow Day

The students will create and interpret a graph of their favorite colors.


  • A large piece of butcher paper divided into 7 columns for graphing.
  • Index cards, or pieces of paper to fill in the graph
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • Favorite Color Worksheet (Problems # 6 and 7 will need the blanks filled in once the graph is complete.)
  • Graph paper, if desired.



  1. Distribute the index cards (or small square pieces of paper).  Have the students pick which rainbow color is their favorite - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet.  They should then color the index card their favorite color.
  2. Have the students place their card in the appropriate column on the chart paper graph.
  3. If desired, have the students copy the graph onto graph paper of their own.
  4. Discuss and interpret the graph.  Ask questions such as, "Which color has the most votes?", "Which has the least?".   The depth of the questions will depend on the age level of the students.
  5. Pass out the Favorite Color Worksheet, if appropriate.  Problems number 6 and 7 will need the blanks filled in once the graph is complete.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. If the students have worn their favorite color to school on this day, make a human (real) graph.
  2. Have the students write math problems in which the answer is 7 (due to the 7 colors in the rainbow).
  3. Assign each color a number - red=1, orange=2, yellow=3, green=4, blue=5, indigo=6, and violet=7.  Have the students do math problems in this "color secret code".  For example, using their crayons, a red box + an orange box = a yellow box.  The problems may be more complicated, depending on the age level.


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