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Flag Day

Art Lesson
for Flag Day

The students will create classroom flags.



  • A variety of mediums and materials - construction paper, pieces of fabric, craft sticks, stickers, cotton balls, paint, markers, etc.
  • Language Arts Lesson Plan, if desired.  (Look under Other Lesson Ideas #1.)



  1. Discuss with the students how they will be creating a classroom flag.  Have them think about the symbols used in the American Flag.  Tell them they should incorporate symbols into their flags.  (For example, gluing on 23 cotton balls for 23 students in the class.)  Younger students will need more direction in this area than older students.
  2. Allow them to create their flags.
  3. If desired, tie this into the Language Arts Lesson   The students will then write about the flag they have created.  They will include a description of the process, the flag, and what any of the symbols represent.  If time allows, have the students present their flag to the rest of the class, explaining the symbols.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Work together to create a classroom flag together.  Discuss ahead of time what colors and symbols will be used.  Have each student do their own section and then put them together.
  2. Die fabric to create colorful flags.
  3. Create a 5-pointed-star in one snip.  Use the following link, 5-Point Star In One Snip.


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